Saturday, January 21, 2012

#Pagan Blog Project: Week III

is for Being True to Yourself.
Oddly this 3rd installment left me completely blank. Especially when once I drafted a blog on balance, others have done so, and did a much better job than mine, so I didn't post it. I'm also a bit anal about wanting to be unique. I even thought of writing about Blind Faith, but then my blog would be nothing more than a bitchfest with me in charge.

So, the best way I know to discuss my chosen topic is to talk a little about myself. Show by example.

I am nearly 43 years old, a mother of 4, and a Pagan. I recently lost my mother, but not through death. I lost her to her religion. I am evil and destined to hell according to her. Now do not for one minute think I am down on Christians, because I am not. I have friends who are dear and near to my heart who are Christians of different denominations that I accept, and that accept me. I accept my mother's beliefs. The woman has the right to find comfort in her own spirituality as she sees fit. What you do not realize, is that even when I was Catholic I was evil in her eyes. (long story that someday I might share.)

I bet you're asking how that ties in to my topic choice. Well see, All my life I tried to get my mother's approval. We've had our tiffs through the years and not spoken, then eventually started talking again. All because I so desperately wanted her attention and approval, that I'd bow down to her, and make excuses for her. This time though is different, because finally I am being true to Myself. I will not hide my spiritual path, or any part of myself any longer, just to appease others.

Everyone, no matter who they are need to stand up for themselves. We are all unique individuals, and being true to yourself is in itself a spiritual awakening.

Goddess Bless and keep you safe this week!