How this Blog Came to Be

Well, I've done the Myspace, FacebookTwitter@JeauxRaynebeaux and now I shall try my hand at Blogging. To be honest, I got the Idea from The Pagan Blog Project 2012. It will take me a bit to get this blog looking exactly like I want it because it has been years since I've messed with HTML and creating web-pages. So please be patient and eventually, the noob look will be completely gone, and I'll be a pro at this too.

Hmmm I bet you're curious how my name came about. Well, My BFF/Sister's Daughter Kennedi  nic-named me Aunt Jo Rainbow when she couldn't figure out my middle name, which begins with an R. Well, soon you'll find out, I'm anything but a Plain Jane, or for me wouldn't it be Playne Jayne? Anyway, being from Louisiana and a die hard LSU fan (Geaux Tigers), I changed the spelling of Jo Rainbow to Jeaux Raynebeaux (It's a Louisiana thing, you don't have to understand it, just accept it.). My dear Kennedi gave me my author name and I'll never let it go.

Now, for the Jeaux's MeauxJeaux. Well, my dearest friend Rosary came up with that one. See, we're in a couple of groups on Facebook, She Loves LSU, then we created She Loves New Orleans Saints. These groups are women only, and we get together to enjoy football without men's influences.. Well except for the players and coaches obviously. You would not believe how many women are serious about their football! Anyway, back to my name. In all our text chanting for our teams this season, Rosary started referring to me as Jo-Jo Mojo. Ok, I think you know where we're going with this.

So, my sweet Rosary has inadvertently come up with the name for my blog. Looking up, I smile and realize I just typed my first entry to my blog.

Goodnight Folks,

)O( Goddess Bless! )O(