Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pagan Blog Project ~ The Importance of an Education

It took me some time to think on this, and my decision is that I most likely will not post every week, but will instead pour my heart into a letter and subject that screams out at me.

Like this week is the letter E and I wish to focus on education. Education is a broad subject and I may take 2 weeks to cover it all. You see, there is more to this subject than just your spiritual paths. There is basic education, like grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and yes, even math.

When one doesn't take the time to check spelling and use basic grammar, they can appear quite ignorant in the written/typed world we now live in. You can be as brilliant as Einstein, but if you don't grasp the basics of writing, then you can, and will come off to people as uneducated. That's the last thing we want as Pagans. Another reason, is we can end up getting into big trouble when we start advising people, say on herbs for example. If you can't spell the name of that herb (this is where spelling comes in), or tell how it is to properly be used (this is where grammar, punctuation, sentence structure comes in), the amounts to be used in ratio to other ingredients, by age or body weight (this is where math comes in). I recently came across a post where someone misspelled the names of herbs so that they were then mistaken for another herb entirely. It was a big cluster of misunderstandings until we got it all sorted out.

Spelling, proper capitalization, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure are a must in an easily read article, blog, or post. I think the internet has made us lazy in our educations. I once had argument with a friend because I constantly hounded my boys to post with correctly spelled words and '2 nt typ lik this'. She didn't think it was a big deal, and I think it looks so uneducated. Especially school aged children should not type like that because they'll do so in their school assignments. As well as never learn to properly spell. Now I admit there are times when I will type with my southern drawl, but never in something serious.

What I'm boiling it all down to, is there is a time and place for lazy typing. So leave the l337 sp33k, the emoticons, and the internet acronyms (l8r, lol, ikr, i <3 u 2;s)  in normal chat.

Goddess Bless you one and all.


  1. Look forward to reading more! :)

    Brenda Lee @PaganInMe & Four-Legged Mom ;)

  2. Thank you, Bren, think I'm finally done now. Sorry it took so long, my old glasses were giving me such a headache. Now I have readers and can read and type again.

  3. Ah, I'm one of those people who quickly becomes annoyed at misused or misspelled words, though I try to "let it go". Some of my favorite (non-favorite, I should say) errors include "Alter" vs "Altar"; "Compliment vs Complement", etc. I do leave the smiley symbols and LOL's and BTW's in replies sometimes though...bad me. ;) (couldn't resist)

    1. Polly replying is one thing. Besides, even we adults like a smiley face as reward for 'are' hard work! :) Oh, and don't get me started on using the wrong word. (sorry, couldn't resist either.. now to keep from correcting myself) LOL

  4. Hey sweetie! Just wanted you to know, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award because you and your blog rock! Please click this link that takes you to my blog to accept! Muwah!